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 December 16, 2005 -OHIM– WORLD/ WORLDBEDS   WORLD is usual for products and services connected to travel because of its ability to convey a positive image to the prospective travelers». Then, OHIM denies likelihood of confusion between and .

Nicolas Sarkozy Vs/ Kärcher

On June 2005, at the moment of the Suburbs Crisis, Nicolas Sarkozy announce he wished to clean with a kärcher the 4000 estate of La Courneuve. During the presidential campaign, these remarks were often taken again. However, KÄRCHER is a trademark owned by the company of the same name which is specialized in the manufacture of the high …

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On January 9, 2006, the OHIM Opposition Division ruled the above similarity considering that the said accessories are intended to replace broken or worn-out parts of vehicles and that they will not only be produced by companies involved in spare parts but also by vehicle manufacturers. This common sense decision seems to go against the …

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