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January 10, 2006 : The Eurostar railway network and the Eurostar Dutch diamond merchant both applied for the domain name, on the basis of legitimate registered trademarks EUROSTAR but the Dutch company was 6 minutes faster. The railway network chose to contest EDT’s application before the French Commercial Court on the basis of a coexistence …

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Les echos

October 21, 2005 : The WIPO arbitration and mediation center retained that the registration and use of the domain name was infringing title right on LES ECHOS, the French economic magazine, along with its protection under French law and ordered the transfer of the domain name to the magazine.  

vente privée

December 16, 2005 : The web site was ordered to make unavailable its content because of the resemblances with an earlier web site because it had the same architecture, identical colors used on the same emplacements, and same advertisings presentation with the same script as