24/07/2018 CNIL – Sanction for the Public Housing Office of Rennes Métropole Archipel Habitat 30K€

Facts: Complaint received concerning the use of the President of the DPO (also Mayor of Rennes) of the file of the tenants of social housing to send them a politicized letter about the APL and the position of the government.

Lawful processing: the personal data collected cannot be processed for purposes other than those that justified the collect (here the management of application for social housing and for the real estate park). If a purpose of external communication was possible, it was not here a newsletter because of the controversial content of the mail (critique of a government announcement).

Publication of the decision: to remind all the actors of the social sector the prohibition to use the data out of the initial purpose and because of the lack of knowledge of the OPH of a fundamental principle of the LIL.