Surveiller ses marques pour réduire ses impôts !

This assertion seems utopian but thanks to a final decision of the French Administrative Supreme Court dated December 30, 2009 that is for real.

In a context of a purchase of trademarks, the Court reminded that the expenses for a file, a registration, a renewal of trademarks must be frozen assets, the mark being regarded as an intangible property which constitutes a regular source of profit.

On the contrary, and that is the new interesting part, the Court said that the costs for the proceedings and trademarks watches incurred after the filing, consisting only with the maintenance of the value of the trademark, must be recorded as expenses under an accounting point of view.



Consequently, expenses of watches amongst trademarks, company names, domain names and even on the Web are deductible from the result of your company under a French approach!

We would like to know if the same applies in other countries from our readers so feel free to post on this!

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