L’application mobile : un atout qu’il ne faut pas oublier de protéger !

The development of mobile applications is a phenomenon that certainly cannot be ignored.

Several thousand new applications for use on smartphone are offered every day to mobile Internet users to meet their practical and entertainment requirements.

Why is it so? Mobile phone has become THE accessory on which practically anything is now feasible.

This has obviously not gone unnoticed by most players in all sectors, as these players have decided to “conform” to the market, so as to be able to benefit from the economic value that can be derived from the new communication tool. Unsurprisingly, new applications from such players as supermarket brands, transport and logistics companies and banks are currently emerging.

However, everyone should make sure to protect his own applications! Had you thought about it yourself?

In fact, any application has several associated aspects that deserve to be protected, including without limitation:

–       The name of the application and/or favicon

–       The contents of the databases concerned

–       The source code

–       The graphic interface

Also, when the corporate trademark is maintained, to designate the said application, it is important to make sure that such trademark provides full protection of the computer applications and the associated services.

All these steps are important, considering that they will not only protect the mobile application itself, but will also allow you to fully leverage your intellectual property assets.

Karine Mamou – European Trademark Attorney

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