Collective/ Certification Trademarks : the new deal of the French “PACTE” law

Law No. 2019-486 adopted on May 22, 2019 known as “PACTE law” relating the growth and transformation of companies, reforms the very specific organization of trademarks formerly known as “simple collectives” and “certification collectives”.

Beyond a simple change in terminology which now distinguishes “collective trademarks” and “guarantee trademarks”, this is an upheaval on the subject of authorized holders: the guarantee trademark is no longer linked to the concept of certification on the one hand, individuals and companies are excluded from the collective trademark on the other hand.

Toning down for the first one, restriction for the other. But in both cases, vigilance must be put on the holders regarding the regulations of the use and exploitation of these trademarks. The reasons for rejection, nullity and forfeiture are numerous and are the same for both, thus creating a certain blur reinforced by the transposition methods that are making 4 types of trademarks coexist. Choosing one or the other is not without consequences and must be thought out seriously before being submitted.

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Hermine Coudry