Dépôt de marques françaises en ligne

The French Trademarks and Patents Office is currently testing its new upcoming filing system for trademark applications.

From next June or July this year, we will finally be able to file French trademark applications on line. The first version of the E-filing system will enable applicants or their IP lawyers to file an application directly on the website of the French Office.



We have been waiting for this major improvement for a long time since the Benelux Office and the OHIM amongst other countries adopted this e-filing system years ago. However, the French Office had already modernized its services giving access to an application form to be filed directly on its website.

But the new system includes various positive aspects compared to the current procedure which still requires signing and sending a paper form by post:

– confidentiality guarantee; the system will use the electronic signature;

– faster application filings; the filing date and number will be immediately available;

– trademark applications could be filed even on off days;

– notifications of irregularities for missing indications could be avoided;

– there will be no late payment, thanks to the online payment facility.

In other countries it is also possible for the agent to file applications, renewals and to record amendments, assignments and licenses on line. This is the case in the United States, for example, where it is possible to obtain an immediate filing number or the immediate confirmation that a change of address, for example has been duly recorded at the Registry. Is this the case in your country or do you still have to sign and fill a paper form?

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