TNP” est descriptif en classe 5

On December 21, 2009, the Cancellation Division of the OHIM declared totally invalid the Registered Community trademark for “TNP” covering “medical and surgical dressings” in class 5 and “medical, surgical and veterinary apparatus for wound treatment, pumps for wound drainage, and accessories for collecting wound exudates, parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods” in class 10.

The applicant for the Cancellation actually evidenced that, within the limited part of the medical sector specialized in wound treatment, “TNP” meant “Topical Negative Pressure”.

This wording described precisely and without any mental effort the technical and medical features and purpose of the dressings and apparatus at hands by the targeted public. The decision is reported so as to mention the inherent descriptiveness of the acronym “TNP” for the products involved.

The OHIM actually made an appropriate analysis and review of the evidences submitted so the interest is more to be found in the solution.

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