20/11/2017 CNIL – Notice against Genesis Industries Limited

Notice to proceed within two months to secure the connected toys the doll “My Friend Cayla” and the robot “I-QUE”, which answers the questions asked by children, who are equipped with a microphone and a speaker and associated with a mobile application, so the company collects a lot of personal information about children and their entourage (voice, conversation content, information entered in the application “My Friend Cayla App).

Failure of security: anyone located 9 meters away from the toys with a Bluetooth communication system can connect to the doll, without having to authenticate, and thus hear and record the words exchanged between the child and the toy or any conversation near the toy and also communicate with the child.

Default of information for the users of the toys: while personal information are processed by the company, toy users are not informed of the company’s data processing of informed that the company is transferring content from conversation to a service provider locates outside the European Union.