Taxes de renouvellement en Syrie

In April 2007, a new law on trademark renewals came into force in Syria. From now on, any existing trademark to be renewed will be subjected to an official examination and then will be published in the Syrian Official Gazette.

Moreover, a 60-day opposition period will start running from the publication date during which any interested third party will be able to oppose the renewal of the trademark. We should stress the fact that this procedure will only apply once per trademark at the time of first renewal after the new law has become effective.

Regarding multi-class registrations, the Office will issue one renewal certificate per class, i.e. each registration will now be considered by the Office as a distinct one-class trademark. However we are not satisfied with the substantial increase in the official fees that the new law has brought. In fact, the amount has tripled and the only reason invoked by the Office is the official examination of each renewal application and the publication in the Official Gazette. From our point of view, this is hardly acceptable and we may fear that the initial costs will never be restored


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