The recent license on the trademark LE LOUVRE granted to the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi for 400 million Euros for a 30 -year period was the first illustration of the consciousness of the French government regarding the valorisation of intellectual property. On April 23, 2007, a second step has been taken with the creation of the Agency of the Immaterial Heritage of the State (APIE).

The objectives of the APIE, as described by its managing director Mr. Rubinocz are as follows:

– Optimise the French intangible heritage management;
– Ensure the best appraisal of intangible assets;
– Protect the French Government and users against likelihood of confusion and misappropriation.

In order to pursue these objectives, the missions of the APIE consist in:
– Proposing orientations for management of intangible assets and obtain the best assessment and valuation method;
– Making the inventory of the intangible assets of public institutions and local administrations and setting up a special computerized system;
– Coordinating the setting up and the orientations, and furnishing advices and expertise;
– Participating in the establishment and monitoring the application of accounting rules;
– Proposing the necessary legal reforms to follow and implement all the above.
In order to perform its missions, the APIE combines public and private skills in an Orientation Committee composed of representatives and experts who will determine the appropriate valuation method and the management strategy. The APIE ‘s main mission is consequently not to manage the intangible heritage of the French Government but only to help public actors increase the value of their assets by giving them advices and tools.
A number of measures will be put into place to incite public actors to call upon APIE’s services. For instance, 80% of the collected founds will be kept by the owner of rights. The initiative of the French Government meets with the launching of a new department of INLEX “LexValue” specifically devoted to the legal valorisation of trademarks and domain names and other intellectual property assets, with the exclusion of patents.

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