From Tarzan’s scream to Tarzan’s cry

Three sound trademarks have been filed for Tarzan’s scream before the OHIM.

The first one adopting the graphical representation of a sonogram was rejected on September 27, 2007 since it was not considered by the OHIM to be clear, precise, self-contained, easily accessible, intelligible, durable and objective.

The second application containing a music score has been accepted for registration.

The third one comprises musical notation and the sound of a scream in an MP3 file and has been published for opposition purposes.
Preference is clearly to be given to Community sound trademark applications including both a spectrogram representation and an MP3 file. This is how we have obtained registration of our sound trademark No. 004901658 and how a video game character scream has also matured into registration under No.005424171.

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