Just bought vineyards in France ? Just a minute…. PART 5 -The question of advertisement

Last time, we saw the European regulation concerning the traditional terms on wine labels.(Part 4)

If you find complicated the wine and spirits labeling legislation complicated and if you think that it will be easier to communicate about your product …well, you will be disappointed. Since the early 1990s, the law named “Loi EVIN” makes it very complicated to communicate about alcoholic beverage.

Firstly the law restrictively defines the supports on or through which the advertising of alcohol is permitted. All that is not mentioned by the law is prohibited.

Thus advertising on television or in the cinema is prohibited, as advertising in publications aimed at youth or radio at times when it is possible that children are listening. Similarly if the law authorized the Internet advertising, it nevertheless excluded sites for young people or linked to sport.

Secondly the law limits the content of advertisements for alcoholic beverages to their so-called « objective » elements (origin, description, mode of consumption, etc.). The goal is to allow presentation of products without encouraging the consumption.

Except in special cases, the advertisements must include preventive health message « Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. »  The law also bans sponsorship operations (during sports, festive or cultural events, for example).

At the end of the day, one may feel a bit discouraged with this regulation mille-feuilles. However, as soon as you remain methodical in your steps, everything should be fine and you will soon commercialize your wine or Cognac safely.

One last piece of advice: a legal pre-validation of your projects (Labels, advertisement, contracts…) can spare a lot of time and money!

Just bought vineyards in France ? Just a minute…. Or two.

Jean-Baptiste THIAL de BORDENAVE, Head of LexWine (@LEXWINE_IP)