Nicolas Sarkozy Vs/ Kärcher

On June 2005, at the moment of the Suburbs Crisis, Nicolas Sarkozy announce he wished to clean with a kärcher the 4000 estate of La Courneuve.

During the presidential campaign, these remarks were often taken again. However, KÄRCHER is a trademark owned by the company of the same name which is specialized in the manufacture of the high pressure cleaning apparatus.

In order to put a stop to the negative image due to Nicolas Sarkozy speech, the representative of the Company KÄRCHER France made a news release, on last March, in which he told that the company dit not recognise it in the recent amalgam at which is associated its name.

In addition, this news release aimed to obviate the forfeit of the trademark KÄRCHER by bringing back that it was a registered trademark and not a common noun despite that incoming into edition 2007 of the French dictionary Petit Robert.

The likelihood of forfeit is known by others trademarks which suffered of their well-known. For example, in the United-States, Google got into the dictionary and its owner had to react by diffusing media campaign which was largely criticise by the public.

It be required to hope that the communication by the owners made for avoid their trademarks forfeit.


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