It is interesting to reconsider the case rendered by the TGI of Paris on December 7th, 2005 (Pierre Aubry and ADAGP vs. Alain WEILL and St Le Chercheur Midi Editeur), as it constitutes a great illustration of the many stakes affecting the world of art today.

In this case, a collector and expert, by authorizing the reproduction of unpublished drawings belonging to him, and by attributing them to Francisque Poulbot in a book entitled, The Parisian of Poulbot, of which he is the author, together with the company, LE CHERCHE MIDI EDITEUR, which sold and offered the above mentioned book in the trade as early as November 21, 2001 were condemned in solidum for having attacked the rights of paternity of Francisque Poulbot on his works of art as well as their integrity because they acted without the authorization of Mr. AUBRY, beneficiary of Francisque Poulbot, and because these drawings were later recognized as being forgeries.

In a day when new technologies, especially digital ones, facilitate the identical reproductions of pre-existing works of art, the experts in the world art market are highly solicited and the collectors must be extremely vigilant.


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